Cleaning Products
PVC-u Solvent Cleaner  20130612_153852 (Medium)
Rapidly removes grease, grime, mastic etc.
From PVC-u leaving surfaces Dry and Perfectly Clean.£6.00

Glass Kleen  20130612_153817 (Medium)
Spectacular on Cleaning Glass
Versatile ‘all round’ cleaner.
Acts fast on grease, dirt, nicotine etc.
Cleans paintwork, vinyl, plastic, tiles, etc
Ideal for cleaning photocopiers, file cabinets, optical lenses,windscreens, mirrors, computers, worktops, etc.
Leave glass smear free.


White Roll white roll
Perfect to use with and Glass Kleen leaves glass smear free
Also can be used with PVC-u solvent cleaner.£3.50       

These items are in stock and available to purchase from our Showroom in Tudor Road.